Welcome to Catechist Callie!

I always hate these intro posts… and even more so that I have to write one. They remind me the first day of class when you have to do an almost choreographed song and dance so everyone knows who you are, what we will be doing, and what will be expected of them (i.e. walk through the syllabus), etc. before we can move on with life. The fun part doesn’t actually start until day two, when we can get to the meat of the matter.


I am an intentionally single Catholic convert, writer, catechist and educator with a love for people, scripture, and the Diocese of Fort Worth. I lived most of my life as a Baptist, even graduating from Baylor University in Waco with a Religion degree, before finding my way to the Catholic Church. My goal is to work (volunteer or not) in service of the Catholic Church seeking to bring others to Christ in all I do.

I write about faith, living intentionally, education, and other miscellaneous nerdy stuff, like organization, liturgy, and even a tad on fashion. Follow me on my journey through the life of being intentionally single and catholic in the Diocese of Forth Worth, living liturgically, sprinkled with the occasional story of my two cats. In short, this is where I will be writing about attempts to grow closer to Christ… not alone in isolation, but together in community.

Now that this is out of the way, we can all can move on with life and get to the good stuff. My first ACTUAL post will be in the next week. Get excited!

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