Lectio Divina

“Sacred Heart of Jesus” by Callie Nowlin

As I was preparing reflections for the feasts of this season, first for Corpus Christi and now for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have been so utterly struck by something so very simple. I have alluded to this in a previous writing but both of these feasts can be seen in light of the analogy of a man courting a woman.

I am intrigued how the church decided to plan the feast of the Trinity, Corpus Christi…and now the Sacred Heart of Jesus as the beginning feasts of this stretch of Ordinary time. Each one so clearly a statement for Jesus of who He is … each one more intimate after the other… each one its own invitation.

The first is an opportunity to reflect on his nature as part of the godhead, three in one. (Divinity) The second, Corpus Christi is a time to reflect on His presence in the sacrament and in the body of Christ, the church as well.  (Sacramentally) It is also an invitation to receive Him, in faith, in the sacrament. The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in a way is now an invitation to be received by him as we consider him as one who loves, and loves in a fully human manner. (Humanity) It is as if Jesus is standing before us, saying “Here I am.”

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catechist Callie Quote

In the feast of the Trinity we hear him say, “Here I am as a member of the Trinity.”
In the feast of Corpus Christi we hear him say, “Here I am, present among you sacramentally.”
But in the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus we hear even more directly, “Here I am.  Here is my very heart.”


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